Legato Wheels

A step forward in motion


The problem

I imagine that most people that picked a cello case with built-in wheels envisioned a carefree future pulling their cello along. Many will have discovered that this is impossible to do for several reasons. Naturally there is a certain amount of irony present when one has to carry a cello when the case has built-in wheels. Nevertheless, this is the problem.

May we present the solution?

The Legato Wheels™ were created to allow cellists to pull, or push, their cello along with tremendous ease. Through their highly effective spring suspension system and pair of pneumatic wheels, the Legato Wheels offers superbly cushioned protection for the cello. Once you attach the Legato Wheels to your cello case you can pull it almost anywhere outdoors – and that with an ease and silence hitherto unknown! All that is required for you to attach it to your case is that your case has built-in wheels.

The Legato Wheels are attached easily and securely to the cello case by means of a novel strap mechanism that fastens around the built-in wheels of the cello case. The Legato Wheels have been designed to be used universally with almost all of the cello cases on the market that have built-in wheels.

Though the attachment means are simple, quick and require no tools, the Legato Wheels has a quick-release feature giving you an even faster way to detach all but the attachment bracket from the case – this is particularly useful when you want to put the cello in the car. If you want to learn more about the Legato Wheels, such as how your case will become about 37% lighter at the handle when you pull it around, check out the product information page!

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