Legato Wheels

A step forward in motion

About Us

The idea for a nice and practical solution for cellists needing to transport their instrument
by foot came after an extended period of time during  which I had to carry my wife’s cello.
I would  often look with  disdain on the built-in wheels  that her case  had  –  after all,  they
were merely adding to the weight!  Though the idea to have wheels on your cello case is a
great one, the ones found on today’s cases are not very useful.

To  solve the  problem I set about to create a set  of  wheels  that could be attached to my
wife’s case. She had two provisions:

  • No changes to the case allowed, in any way (no drilling holes etc.)
  • The device had to be light

Finally,  ten  prototypes  later there was a product  that we all  ended up loving  and in the
spring of 2008 the Legato Wheels company, was created.

Chris Quinn of Quinn Violins

A sincere thanks and acknowledgment must go to Chris. From the very first day that I met
him, he has proved to be an indispensable  resource of constant encouragement, product
advice and friendship. As my  business headquarters shares a building with Quinn Violins,
I  have  had ample  opportunity  to  talk  to  Chris  about  the  development  of  the Legato
Wheels. As he himself is a cellist and an expert on products for musicians, his enthusiasm
end  encouragement  for  this  product was invaluable in the truest sense. He also bought
my first four Legato Wheels…

Best regards and happy cello strolling,

Paul Østerballe
Founder and President of Legato Wheels, LLC

550 La Casa Ave, San Mateo CA 94403

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